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1st Baptist Concord supporting & feeding our members in 2014.

Tue. nights best weekly team trail in Tennessee

​6pm-10pm Rotating Ramps on Loudon Lake

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Mike Phelps/Jeremy Harrison


2014 TNToad is Sanctioned for Bonus money by Skeeter, Nitro, and Triton.

To order your jerseys, just click on our Rayjus logo above or go to www.rayjus.com/tntoad/  You also may call Rayjus at 815-513-5583 and ask for Nick.
 To meet the deadline for the Helen Ross McNabb Bonus money, jerseys must be ordered by Feb. 25th. 
​To be eligible for Week 1 of the TNToad Bonus money, jerseys must be ordered by March 11th.
Jerseys ordered after March 11th, you become eligible for Bonus money when your jersey arrives.

June 10, 2014 Results

Mike West
Largemouth 4.05

Mike Phelps/Jerremy Harrison

Smallmouth 2.32